Call for LiveStreams
2020 Fall Theme: In-Game Original Music

In addition to our usual call for works, this year we are seeking proposals from musicians & digital artists who create and perform original music within a gaming environment. Selected proposals will live-stream their in-game performance on our YouTube channels, score follower & incipitsify. If you are looking for our FollowMyScore Call, click here.

DEADLINE: September 15

Preferences will be given to proposals describing a real-time in-game performance of original music. For example:
• A live performance using the virtual guitar in the action-adventure game, “The Last of Us 2”
• A found-objects improvisation set in “Animal Crossing”
• A performance of virtual instruments built in Media Molecule’s “Dreams”
• An improv set using VR instruments in “SoundStage”:

We are also open to presentations of compositions built in open sandbox games using the concept of in-game sequencers (e.g., Mario Paint, LittleBigPlanet, & No Man’s Sky’s ByteBeats device) or using the concept of “note blocks” (e.g., Minecraft redstone, Mario Maker 2 auto-levels, Fortnite creative mode, etc).

Preferences will be given to gameplay of pre-existing popular commercial games, but we are also open to any game-like virtual environments that are newly built using game-development tools/libraries (e.g., Unity, Unreal, WebGL, etc), or any other tool, provided that the built environment ultimately looks and feels like a video game.

If selected, score follower will schedule events for these live-streams, advertise them on social media, and host them on one of our channels. Streamers may potentially earn some revenue through viewer donations, which we will strongly encourage prior to-, and throughout the performance.

Score follower will not be responsible for hosting a game server. So, for example, if the proposal necessitates a fortnite multiplayer server, that must be arranged by the streamer. Rather, Score Follower will display the screen of the streamer’s game-play.